Biohazard Cleaning

Green Frog Cleaning LTD are fully certified specialists in Biohazard specialist trauma cleaning.

We attend to all to cases 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in a very fast and understanding manner.

Some of our services include:

– Needle sweeps amd void properties

– Death and trauma clean

– Extreme hoarding and cluttering

– Police cell and vehicle cleaning

Please contact Jo to arrange a quick and efficient quote on 07974247959 or

Viro Kill Fogging

Viro Kill is scientifically designed to kill 99.99% of all known pathogens and is effective against enveloped viruses!

Viro Kill is safe to use in any organisation be it a public building, schools, hospitals, surgeries, dentists, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes or leisure facilities where good hygiene is a major priority and is safe within all food preparation settings.

Why use Viro Kill antiviral disinfectant?

✔ The primary biocide in VIRO KILL is effective against enveloped viruses such as HBV/HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes simplex, Rota Virus, and H1N1 Avian influenza. COVID-19 is an enveloped virus related to the SARS virus so expectations are that VIRO KILL disinfectant cleaner would be equally effective against this new strain.
✔ VIRO KILL simultaneously cleans and disinfects.
✔ VIRO KILL is free rinsing, has a very low odour and can therefore be regarded as being food safe.
✔ VIRO KILL is effective against fungi, black moulds, yeasts, algae and moss.

Dometic Cleaning Services

We take regular bookings for domestic cleaning or just a one time service.

  • Regular Domestic Cleaning

    This can range from a spring clean a thorough clean throughout the home traditionally done throughout the spring to make the home feeling fresh , however it’s not just the spring time where your home is fresh with our services.

  • Deep Clean

    We will rid your house of all dirt and grime, which is completed to a high standard. The deep clean can be done in day or less, and we would normally recommend this service for an end of tenancy.

  • Full House Maintenance

    Do you have a holiday home? We offer full house maintenance that’s customised to your needs and we even offer a 24/7 call out, so that you can leave everything to us.

Retail Cleaning Services

We understand that you work throughout social hours, so let us work unsocial hours and get the work place fresh for the next day.
  • Shop premises.

  • Salon premises.

  • Provided 24/7 – to work around your busines.

Agency & Care Sector

Are you short on a cleaner?
We can provide a cleaning service 24/7 within the care sector. Using our agency cleaners we can provide services at short or limited norice, that maintains our high standard of service so that you are never without a cleaner!

Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services, that is tailored to your business needs.

  • Competitive in price.

  • Our staff are professional at all times.

  • We can cater for large and small commercial properties.

Educational Cleaning Services

We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services aimed at the eduction sector.

  • Schools, universities, colleges or any other educational departments
  • Term / Out of Term cleaning avaliable.

  • Customized and flexible contracts avaliable.

  • Staff are CRB checked.

  • Agency staff avaliable for short notice.

Holiday let’s

Green frog cleaning Ltd specialises in holiday let’s, we can guarantee you a fantastic service.

  • Organize bookings.

  • Laundry services.

  • High standard cleaning.

  • Quick turnaround times.

  • Staff highly trained in efficiency and organizational skills to manage this specialized sector.